YUM POWER Visits Bluff Creek Elementary on Monday – April 9th.

Our school is participating in the School Challenge program this year to inspire students to try for 5 fruits and veggies every day.

The veggies this year are purple cabbage, red bell pepper, celery, cucumber & yellow squash. Students will not be forced to taste any of the vegetables if they do not wish.  Nurse Cindy will also provide a list to the PE teachers of any known allergies.

This 3-week challenge inspires kids to PowerUp with fruits, veggies and physical activity in a fun and exciting way! During this time your child will track (at school) the fruits and veggies they eat each day.

By participating in the PowerUp School Challenge, our school will earn a Cash Prize  to be used for wellness supplies, materials or equipment that help promote better eating and physical activity at our school.

You also receive a PowerUp Family Magazine full of fun activities and recipes to use to PowerUp your whole family at home. Also don’t miss out on the Power Chef Recipe contest! For more information on the contest and how to PowerUp your family visit: www.healthpartners.com/powerupfamily