Happy Friday Bluff Creek Families!

As we complete the second week of school you may have heard from your child that we have been practicing some safety drills. The safety of our students and staff is very important to all of us at Bluff Creek and to ensure that we are prepared for safety threats, we practice several different drills throughout the school year.

Fire drills are practiced at least five times during the school year. This practice prepares our school community to evacuate almost 720 people out of the building in case of a fire. There is a loud alarm that sounds and students are directed to listen to the adult supervising them and to leave the building quickly and quietly. Each space in this building has a pre-established evacuation plan and reunification site. These drills are successfully completed in under five minutes.

Bus safety drills are practiced with all students, regardless of whether a student rides a bus to school or not. Every student takes part in a school bus safety drill. This ensures the safety of students as they commute to and from school, but also when they participate in field trips away from our school.

Severe weather drills prepare students in case of a tornado or severe weather event. We usually practice the severe weather drills in the spring.

“Stay Put Safety Drills” are practiced at least five times a year. These drills are sometimes called lockdown drills. Before our first drill, students are reminded that part of our PBIS ROAR initiative is to be “Always Safe” and that this practice is to make sure we all know what our job is in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately given incidents in schools across the country, parents are very concerned about the safety of our school in case there would be a dangerous intruder. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some precautions that we have in place. Parents are always welcome at Bluff Creek, but please keep in mind these important procedures:

  • When checking in at the office, please allow enough time to sign in and indicate your classroom destination. This will help us to determine your purpose for entering the building as well as how to locate you if need be. You will need to show your driver’s license or identification card and have your photo taken when you visit Bluff Creek for the first time.
  • If you are picking up your child in the afternoon, please follow our parking lot procedures to keep all of our students safe.
  • If you are picking up or dropping your child off at school, please say your goodbyes in the front office. Parents and other adults should not be in the building unless it is for volunteer activities or prearranged classroom visits.
  • If your child forgets an item; homework, a musical instrument or snow pants, bring the item to the office and it will be delivered to your child. Parents should not plan to drop off items to classrooms.
  • If you are picking a child up from school for an appointment, please plan enough time for your child to come to the office. Children will not be waiting for parents to pick them up in the office unless the child is scheduled to be in transition between classes or in specialists at pick up time.
  • Except for the brief bus arrival and dismissal times, including before and after school, all the outside doors will be locked and parents may enter the building through the front door. Parents need to check in at the office. Your cooperation will help us to monitor who has access to our students.
  • We do have camera surveillance to monitor the areas in and around our building, key card entry to our building at multiple doors and a safety and security system in place to alert staff of any emergencies that take place.

We work very hard to make all safety drills a calm and non-threatening experience for our students. Everyone at Bluff Creek Elementary appreciates your cooperation and continued support.  We are committed to keeping our school the safe and nurturing school it has always been. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Joan MacDonald