Our kindergarten and first grade learners have made their first visits to the STEAM Lab.  Much appreciation goes out to our BCE Garden Coordinators, Christina Crowther and Stacy Pumper.  Thanks to their efforts and the many hands of BCE families, STEAM Lab has both “inside” and “outside” classrooms. 

 In our outdoor classroom, the ceiling is the sky and the carpet is the grass beneath our feet. Clouds, eagles, and even MONARCHS pass overhead as we experience real wonder and real learning.

 Ms. Crowther and her family have released nearly 150 monarchs from Bluff Creek!  In fact, BCE is now registered with the Monarch Joint Venture and has become an official Monarch Way Station for the migration to Mexico.

 All families are invited to join Rapids Lake Education Center in Carver this Saturday to learn more about monarch tagging and to explore the building and grounds.  Please see the attached flyer for more information!

 Anna Edlund,Gifted Services and STEAM Lab Facilitator