From the Principal….

It has been a busy, but wonderful start to the 2019-2020 school year! Thank you for your patience with our busses on Tuesday, it appears as if transportation has bus routes and timing on track. Please let us know if you still have concerns.

Family Fun Night is on Monday, September 9th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Please join us for this Open House Opportunity!

September is a great time to establish routines both in school and out. Parents may want to consider establishing some routines which will support your child throughout the school year. There is significant research that shows the tremendous impact that parents have on student success in school. Here are a few suggestions that parents may consider to support student success:

  1. Support homework obligations and teach your child to be more independent in structuring their study time.
  2. Seize unusual opportunities to practice math facts or spelling words during walks and while traveling in the car. Quiz children while performing household chores.
  3. If you notice changes in your child’s behavior, call and discuss it with the teacher.
  4. Observe how your child is dressed. Fall weather in Minnesota varies tremendously, colds and flu are not only miserable, but create absences from school and missed learning opportunities.
  5. Review your family’s plan for emergency closings due to weather incidents.
  6. Review and support our school rules for bus and playground behavior. Discuss the ROAR expectations with your child.
  7. Come to school to visit during lunch or volunteer in your child’s cluster. This is a great signal to your child that you view school as important.
  8. Get involved with school and PTO related activities. It is important to students when parents chaperone field trips, come to school to be the ‘mystery reader’ or help at PTO events.
  9. Praise and encourage your child for their effort, their successes and their ability to handle challenges. This will help them to develop a growth mindset.
  10. Read with and to your child daily.

Elementary-age children grow academically and emotionally at different rates—some by leaps and bounds; some in spurts, and some at a slow, steady pace. Parent support of school expectations and their reinforcement of these skills are important to student success.

Together- Families, Schools and Community can make a difference! Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with all of us at Bluff Creek!

Joan MacDonald