Riding the bus is a privilege and through our PBIS efforts we work to teach expectations to all students at the beginning of the year.  If a re-teaching of expectations occurs, it is often documented with a yellow Paws and Think.  This communication tool informs both families and BCE’s overall areas for improvement, re-teaching and possible procedural changes needed.  We have noted an increase in bus misbehaviors overall and have made a few changes:

  • Beginning on Tuesday, 10/22 each bus holds students in the morning until a BCE teacher steps on the bus, greets both students & driver and checks on how the ride in has been.  This has proved to be a great time to reinforce the bus and school connection, celebrate safe bus behavior, greet all and address any issues.
  • If overall bus behavior is unsatisfactory after numerous re-teachings, consequences or adjustments, a whole bus seating chart can be made to enhance ROAR-ing behavior.
  • Did you know most full size buses have four cameras with audio?  They can be recalled by administration to review. Sometimes this video is used for student re-teachings and reflection.  However, due to confidentiality of our students, families are unable to view.
  • We value the home/school connection and welcome communication and collaboration in ensuring safe bus ridership.  Please take the time to review the Bus rider agreement with your child.

We will continue to monitor our PBIS data to see if these changes make a difference! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I can support in any way.


Jane Best

Administrative Dean