Chromebook Information

What is a Chromebook? Why was it selected? 

The Chromebook is a cost-effective laptop computer that supports collaboration, communication, engagement, and personalization between students and their teachers. Chromebooks have a long battery life and are efficiently managed in large numbers. These devices will seamlessly connect to student Google accounts, which already are in use and managed by the district.

Because Chromebooks rely on web-based software, the district is not tied to this device for the long-term. If a better or less expensive device emerges in the future, the district will be able to migrate to it easily without losing student work or sacrificing the investment in teacher professional development.  

Will students be able to bring the ChromeBook home at night? What about during the summer? 

Yes. Because the Chromebooks represent a deliberate effort to expand learning beyond the boundaries and schedule of school, it is vital that students have access to the learning tools at home. That’s what personalized learning is all about! 

And yes: As we move forward with personalized learning, there will be opportunities for students to continue learning over the summer. Students will be required to turn in their devices when exiting Eastern Carver County Schools (ECCS) or upon graduation. Students who do not want to store/keep the device over the summer can turn it into their school. If you are leaving ECCS, students are required to return the device to the media center (during the school year) or main office (in the summer) of the school in which they are currently enrolled.  

What are the expectations of students?

  • Students will bring the Chromebook to school every day fully charged.
  • Students will protect the device from damage, defacement, and will not leave it unattended.
  • Students will practice responsible digital citizenship at all times.
  • Students must remember that they should not give their device to others to use.
  • Students may be responsible for any inappropriate content viewed on the device and any damage that may occur.
  • Students will never give their login information to other students.
  • Student will report any damage or loss immediately to the media center at the school they attend.

See full ECCS Technology and Internet Acceptable Use Policy 524 on our district website.

Where to get help?

Each student should report to the media center of the school they attend.  Please don’t call the school or district until the student has stopped by the media center first.

For more information and answers to other frequently asked questions, visit:

What if the Chromebook is lost/forgotten/broken/stolen? 

As with any piece of school property checked out to a student, families are responsible for appropriate use while it is in the student’s possession. Much like a textbook that a student borrows, a Chromebook belongs to Eastern Carver County Schools. Each device is provisioned to the student at time of checkout and assigned to that student unless changed by district staff. If a device is stolen, it will not work outside our district’s Google Apps environment. 

As a courtesy to families, Eastern Carver County Schools provides an optional damage waiver to defray the cost of replacement or repair* of District Chromebooks in the event of accidental damage, liquid damage, fire, flood, theft, natural disasters and power surge due to lightning.  Without it, families are responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement. With the protection plan, are covered for three incidents of repairs or replacement (power adapters are not covered).

The cost is $25.00 for coverage from the date of purchase through the summer of 2020. This protection must be purchased prior to any incident of damage, loss, or theft of the Chromebook. For families that have more than one Chromebook, a maximum of $50 will be charged to cover the multiple devices (The process is the family should go online and signup for 2 insurance purchases ($50) and then any additional chromebook sign-ups will have a cost of zero dollar.  If you have issues or concerns contact any of your children’s schools and let the school know that you would like to request insurance be provided for other children’s Chromebooks)

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