From the Principal

Hello Bluff Creek Families!

As we head into the extended President’s Day weekend, please remember that there is no school on Monday, February 17th – President’s Day weekend is February 15, 16 and 17.

When we return, Parent Teacher Conferences will begin. Our conference dates are Tuesday, February 18th and Thursday, February 27th from 3:30-7:30 p.m.

Next week our PTO Scholastic Bookfair begins and will run through next week. The PTO is also featuring a Restaurant Night at Noodles and Company from 4- 8 p.m. on Thursday, February 20th.

I Love to Read Month is in full swing with students reading a total of 50, 671 minutes last week. We would really like to see as many of our students participate as possible.   Did you know this interesting reading fact?

If you read just one book a day to your child, they will have been read 1825 books by their 5th birthday. Every day counts. Every book counts.  From: We Are Teachers.

Research clearly supports the fact that reading is one of the most important factors which impact reading success in school.  Parents can and should help their children become interested in reading and encourage growth in their reading skills. But parents often ask what they can do to encourage frequent and positive reading experiences for their children. Here are a few suggestions from various educational resources:

  • Continue being a good role model. Let your child see you read. Establish a family reading time, even if it’s only 10 minutes each day.
  • Encourage your child to read on her own at home. Reading at home can help your child perform better in school.
  • Keep a variety of reading materials in the house. Make sure to have reading materials for enjoyment as well as for reference. Children’s magazines and sports magazines are very effective ways to encourage reading.
  • Encourage your child to practice reading aloud. Frequently listen to your child read out loud and praise them. Oral reading builds fluency and we know that fluency is a key to reading success. Offer to read every other page or even every other chapter to your child. Have conversations and discussions about the book with your child.
  • Write short notes for your child to read. Write down his weekly household job for him to keep track of or put a note in his lunch bag.
  • Encourage activities that require reading. Cooking (reading a recipe), assembling a toy (reading directions), or identifying a type of bird (reading a reference book) are some examples.
  • Talk with your child. Discussing what children read makes them think about their experiences and helps them expand their vocabularies. Ask your child to give detailed descriptions of story events and sequentially retell stories.
  • Restrict screen time. The less time your child spends watching television or playing video games, the more time he will have for reading.
  • Visit the library once a week. Have your child apply for her own library card so they can check out books for schoolwork and for pleasure reading. Ask your child to bring home a library book to read to a younger sibling. Have your child log in to our Destiny Discovery Library system located on our Media Center web site and Chromebook app, so they can view not only the books available to them, but enjoy interactive activities as well.

Have a great weekend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joan MacDonald