Principal Letter 1-12-18

From the Principal… Hello Bluff Creek Families! The month of January is flying by and I find myself stopping to reflect on how things are going at Bluff Creek at almost the mid-way point of the year. There are some areas that I will be committing energy to working on that I would like to share with parents: Volunteers are needed to work with some of our Kindergarten students who are struggling with alphabet and sound recognition. Sara Maves has sent out a link for a sign up genius for volunteers. Here is the link if you feel you have time to work with a Kindergartener for 10-15 minutes. We will have a brief training session. Student technology use challenges- cell phones. A number of our 4th and 5th graders have cellphones. Texting is a very private way for students to contact each other, but when the texts become unfriendly and impact school, Mrs. Best and I become involved. Some of our... Continue reading Principal Letter 1-12-18

Understanding Standards in Learning

Understanding standards in learning Have you ever been given a task but you were unsure of why you were doing it or its purpose? Even if you were successful, there was probably a level of frustration or anxiety. When we are learning something, we are more likely to be successful when we know what needs to be done and understand what a successful outcome looks like. Being as clear as possible about learning goals is essential to a high-quality education and a hallmark of exceptional, personalized learning in Eastern Carver County Schools. This is why our educators are putting learning standards front and center in the teaching and learning process. You may have heard of “standards-based learning” or “standards-based grading.” It may sound like something new, but standards have always been foundational to the learning process. An educator must know what a learner should know and be able to do. Everyone involved in education from preschool through doctorate-level programs uses something... Continue reading Understanding Standards in Learning

Kindergarten Registration due January 16th!

Kindergarten registration due Jan. 16 If you know a family getting ready for kindergarten this fall, registration is conveniently located at Registrations are due Jan. 16. Children who will be five-years-old on Sept. 1, 2018 can enroll in kindergarten with Eastern Carver County Schools. Our personalized learning provides the right fit for all kindergarteners. If you have questions, find information at Continue reading Kindergarten Registration due January 16th!

What’s New with the PTO 1-12-18

What’s New with the PTO? Did you know… The PTO manages over 25 different activities, experiences, and committees throughout Bluff Creek Elementary. The PTO board members serve a 2-year term. Many of the current board members are in their second Without new PTO board members, the PTO will no longer be able to run. Without the PTO, grants, funding, experiences, and activities will no longer be available to the teachers, staff, and students. Please consider a PTO Board Position….contact the PTO at New Year’s Resolution: Roar with Pride and volunteer at school. If you haven’t had an opportunity to look at all the different ways you can help – please check it out. If you are interested in volunteering – please email or visit the BCE PTO website for more information:  Important Dates/Things to Remember: January, 2018: Art Adventure begins for 1 and 2 grade classes January 16: Restaurant Night at... Continue reading What’s New with the PTO 1-12-18