What’s New with the PTO 1-19-18

What’s New with the PTO? Did you know… The PTO has approved over 12 grant requests from staff and teachers so far this year totaling over $8,700. The grants include books for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade busing for Fire Station field trip, 3rd grade Spelling City subscription, EL Curriculum Night, 3/4/5 family methods of Project Based Learning materials, healthy snacks for students in need, 4th grade Youth Frontiers Kindness Retreat, STEM Fest, Phys Ed. equipment, Creativity Fest, Project Impact, and Connect Program Support. The PTO supports teachers and the school with other dollars throughout the year with allocations to each grade. This commitment totals over $10,000 a year. The PTO board members serve a 2-year term. Many of the current board members are in their 2nd Without new PTO board members, the PTO will no longer be able to operate. Without the PTO, grants, funding, experiences, and activities will no longer be available to the teachers, staff, and students. Please... Continue reading What’s New with the PTO 1-19-18

Principal Letter 1-12-18

From the Principal… Hello Bluff Creek Families! The month of January is flying by and I find myself stopping to reflect on how things are going at Bluff Creek at almost the mid-way point of the year. There are some areas that I will be committing energy to working on that I would like to share with parents: Volunteers are needed to work with some of our Kindergarten students who are struggling with alphabet and sound recognition. Sara Maves has sent out a link for a sign up genius for volunteers. Here is the link if you feel you have time to work with a Kindergartener for 10-15 minutes. http://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=w.create1&listid=13907535&owner=22860985 We will have a brief training session. Student technology use challenges- cell phones. A number of our 4th and 5th graders have cellphones. Texting is a very private way for students to contact each other, but when the texts become unfriendly and impact school, Mrs. Best and I become involved. Some of our... Continue reading Principal Letter 1-12-18