Beth Holm

Hello, my name is Beth Holm and I am proud to serve as the Principal at Bluff Creek Elementary school. I want to personally welcome you to our school where we celebrate learning, embrace each other’s difference and grow together. I have the opportunity to serve alongside an amazing staff of committed, dedicated, and passionate educators who are focused on preparing each and every student to thrive in global society. We understand that every learner has different needs and interests that will support their growth. We are committed to the development of academic, social and emotional skills.

Here at Bluff Creek Elementary, we are focused on ROARing with pride:

R – Respectful
O – Open and Cooperative
A – Always Safe
R – Responsible to Self and Others

As we work to ensure that the district strategic plan is realized for every student and their family at Bluff Creek Elementary, we also focus on the Desired Daily Experience (DDE) for staff, students, and families. It is critical that we partner so that every person who walks into Bluff Creek feels seen, valued, and heard. Again, I want to welcome you to Bluff Creek and please reach out if there is anything I can do to support!

Jane Best
Administrative Dean

Andrea Hawley
Instructional Coach

Corinne Dahl
Social Worker